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Modelo numérico de Ondas de Tormenta

Storm Surge

We call storm surge to the modification of the height of astronomical tide by meteorological effect.

--> The contour lines indicate the storm wave (only the meteorological contribution to the level).

--> The total current (tide with meteorological effect) integrated in the entire water column is plotted.

Surge Model

The Naval Hydrographic Service storm surge and tide model is a two-dimensional, vertically integrated hydrodynamic model. Provides instantaneous mean height and current of the water column. The graphs show the level that is added to the astronomical tide due to meteorological effect and the total current (tide with meteorological effect) averaged throughout the depth. All fields are presented in Coordinated Universal Time (TUC) or Z Time, that is, the time at the Greenwich Meridian (Official Argentine Time = TUC Time - 3 hours). The model of the platform area feeds another one of higher resolution in the Río de la Plata of 3' (1/20º) in latitude and longitude.
Both the forecasts and the retro-analyses between forecast hours are forced by the surface wind tension produced by the AUSTRAL-WWIII model every 6 hours, at 00 TUC, 06 TUC, 12 TUC and 18 TUC.


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